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The Annual Hunt for 2017 Will be July 15th at the Alaska State Fairgrounds, Palmer, Alaska. It is a one day hunt with 4 separate hunts. Metal detectors and other great prizes.

2017 Membership dues: Single $22 Couple $25 Family $28. Dues are due as of Jan 1st.

Membership forms

(Print and mail or bring to a meeting)

2017 Hunt Flier

2017 Hunt Schedule and entry form. This will be the schedule for the 2017 hunt. If you print this and have it filled out before the hunt is will greatly speed the process of sign up.


The Alaska Treasure Seekers Society

(This is from our friends at Alaska Mining and Diving Supply)

We are an organization dedicated to family outings in search of lost or discarded items from the past. We enjoy searching legally and with permission for coins, relics, and artifacts. Most of us use metal detectors in this endeavor, but it helps to have a "nose" for the past to make your outings more productive. If you are a person interested in poking around old mine tailings, gold-bearing creeks, city parks and school grounds for gold, coins, and jewelry, then this organization is for you.

Story about a spring hunt (from AMDS site)


More about us!

Our members are coin seekers, relic hunters and gold prospectors. Some are all the above!

We are located in Alaska, primarily in the Anchorage, Eagle River and Matanuska Valley areas, but welcome metal detecting enthusiasts from everywhere.

The club has regular meetings every month through the summer with the last meeting and elections at the big year end party. Meetings resume again in April. There are door prizes for members at the meetings, competition for "finds of the month" and occasional guest speakers.

The club hosts a spring and fall hunt and an annual treasure hunt, open to everyone from anywhere. It is a lot of fun!

At the Annual hunt you use your metal detector to find coins and tokens to trade for prizes ranging anywhere from new hats to new metal detectors. The Annual Hunt is held at the Alaska State Fairgrounds in Palmer, Alaska, in the horse arenas so there is good sand to bury coins and tokens and fairly easy hunting. We also have other events like X marks the spot to hone pinpointing skills, gold pan tossing and speed panning. 2016 marked our 40th annual hunt!

The spring and fall hunts are usually at a local park, involving woods and grass instead of sand. There are buried coins and tokens or a scavenger hunt where various items of trash are randomly awarded points. High points are awarded prizes or split the entries with the club. It is a way to encourage cleaning up the parks.

All hunts involve good food, a friendly atmosphere and children are welcome.

The club has a buddy list for people looking for like-minded hunters to take to the field with. If you don't want to hunt alone you can join the club and add your name to the list or find a buddy on it.

We are interested in getting you involved in the hobby of metal detecting or just having you join at our hunts. We can't guarantee success in finding treasure, but we can offer you some good times and plenty of advice and friendship when you join us in this very rewarding hobby.



Because the newsletters contain personal information they will be available to members only via a password login. Sorry for any inconvenience, and it may be changed in the future, but spambots and defective carbon units have caused this policy. If you are a member please email for the password.

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